4 December 2015

Friday Favorites

This past week seems to have gone by extra fast. We kept ourselves busy with crafts, gift wrapping, and snuggles all week. I'm glad the weekend is here though!

One: Ever since Saturday, sweet Charlie has slept through the night and when I say through the night, I mean 7-9 hours of glorious sleep, right through the night! How lucky did I get?? 

Two: My sweet friend Tawnya had her baby boy this week and I couldn't be happier for her! He is so sweet, and already the most stylish little guy I've ever seen! I can't wait to cuddle him next week!! 

Three: Our Christmas Elf, Chippy, made his appearance last weekend. He arrived with some special ornaments and Christmas Jammie's for the family. Palmer excitedly looks for him every morning. now, our elf doesn't do fancy things, and he doesn't look like all the other elves, but she loves him and understands the idea that he is here watching her to send info back to Santa. She also understood that Chippy didn't come one night because the day before she was a total threenager and was a bad girl that day!! 

Four: I had been watching Season 5 of Scandal on TV this year (thinking it was only season 3) so I have been binge watching it on Netflix to get myself all caught up! It's so good!! And, now that we have Netflix again, what are some other good shows to watch?? 

Five: Sweet Charlie turned 2 months on Monday, and she has her 2 month shots today, so I'm expecting all the baby cuddles today! 

Happy Weekend, everyone! 

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