13 January 2014

Our Dear, Sweet (almost) One Year Old Palmer

My Dear Sweet Palmer,

As we come up on your first birthday, I look back at all that has happened over the past year, and I am in awe. It is so hard to imagine that a year ago, we were a family of two, and how a year ago, our lives changed forever.

We weren't sure what to expect walking into the hospital that day, but now we know, it was the greatest thing that has ever happened to us.
One year ago, we held you in our arms for the first time.
One year ago, we became a family of three.

Because of you, I am a mom.
Because of you, I am a better person, and strive to be the best that I can.
Because of you, Palmer, I know the deepest meaning of love.

Yes, there have been sleepless nights, grumpy days, and days of pure exhaustion, but those days don't even begin to measure up to the good days.
The days you laugh.
The days you love to cuddle.
The days you give hugs and kisses.
The days you learned to roll, sit up, crawl, and stand.
The days you say dada and mama (the sweetest sounds ever!)

You truly are the happiest little girl I've ever met.

It is amazing to see how much you have changed over the past year. You began as a 5lb 13oz tiny little baby who slept the majority of the day to an almost 25lb nearly-toddler who doesn't keep still.

Not too many things will slow you down these days. I hope this is always true.
I hope you always have the confidence to go where you want, do what you dream, and be who you are.

I cannot wait to see what the next year will bring for us.
A year filled with many more firsts, giggles, and cuddles.
A year filled with memories of watching you grow.
A year filled with love.

We love you, Palmer.

Love Mama.

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