10 January 2014

Palmer's Life: One Year Old!

 (I willI can't believe our precious, sweet baby Palmer is one year old today! It's amazing what a year can do to change your life. It's hard to remember what life was like before Palmer, yet is seems like just a few short weeks ago we had a tiny, almost 6 pound baby with us. 

Sleep this past month has been on and off. Just after 11 months old, Palmer began waking in the middle of the night, and just wanted to be held. There were a handful of sleepless nights, nights where she slept in our bed, mornings when we were up before the sun, and days where the whole family napped. At the time, it was hard to deal with and I kept trying to tell myself that it was just a phase. And now that it has nearly passed, I can look back on it and say, it wasn't that bad. (I will just update this as I wrote it a week ago, last night poor Palmer was up all night with a cough, and therefore, so was mommy. I think we got a grand total of 3 hours sleep).

What's happened this month:
Palmer is non-stop moving. Nearly a toddler, she is just go, go, go! Palmer can stand on her own and I know it will be just a short while longer before she takes those first steps, then we really need to watch out!

We officially transitioned to one, longer afternoon nap, which is great! On the days we are home, it gives us time to get things done around the house. On the days she goes to her day home, she is rested and happy when we pick her up.

Palmer now has 7 teeth, and that 7th one didn't come without any grief at nighttime!!!

Palmer has recently chosen a favourite stuffy, a little elephant. She's began carrying it around with her all over. He usually follows her to bed, and often when she wakes up, she needs it our of the crib too.

I attempted my usual monthy photo with Palmer's giraffe, but Palmer has become much too busy and has too many things to do that sit for mommy to take her photo!,!

Palmer has become a great little eater! She'll eat most anything we put in front of her. Her favourites are: any type of fruit, most recently blueberries. Noodles, crackers, cheese. I really could continue on and on!!

We can't believe you're one year old already, Palmer! You've brought so much joy to our livesin such a short time. We cannot wait tosee what's next!

We love you! Xoxo

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