20 September 2016

Summer Vacation

I know, I know. Summer vacation is over, Fall is nearly here, but I just wanted to do a little recap of our family vacation (a month ago!)

We headed out to Ontario for a couple of weeks to do some sightseeing and family visiting. The majority of Mitchell's family lives in Ontario, and we were able to see all of them while we were there. The weather was HOT (like hot, humid, and 40 degrees - thats over 100F!)

We tried to do as many things as we could when we were there. We visited Niagara Falls a couple of times.  Palmer especially loved visiting the Midway on the main street by the Falls. We stopped in there twice and she loved collecting all the tickets from her games and trading them in for prizes!

We managed to hit up a splash pad more than once to keep cool. With it being so hot and humid, it was a definite MUST to keep from melting!

We enjoyed taking in the beautiful scenery of Ontario and having picnics by Lake Erie. The scenery is drastically different than what we are use to here in Alberta; a different kind of beautiful!

We swam many times in Mitchell's aunt's pool. It was so nice and refreshing! And, Palmer learned to swim by herself while we were there! She got so brave as to jump in and even put her head under the water! She was so proud of herself. I had a few proud mama moments too!

Mitch, Charlie, and I, along with his aunt, uncle and cousins went to a Blue Jays game! Also, so fun!

But, I think one of Palmer's most favourite parts was visiting MarineLand. I had reached out to MarineLand prior to our trip and was given passes to the park, which was perfect! MarineLand has many things to offer, and it is great for families with small children.

We started out by seeing a show where the dolphins and seals did tricks, then we made our way to the rides. The line-ups really weren't that bad (we did go in the middle of the week) so Palmer managed to go on almost all the rides for kids her age! She loved it!!

After the rides, we made our way over to the picnic area. It was nice that MarineLand had a nice big area full of picnic tables with umbrellas and shade for people to eat at. After lunch, we made our way to see all the animals. Palmer liked this part the best, especially the Beluga Whales. She and I went over and touched and fed the Belugas and Palmer is still talking about it to this day. 

MarineLand was a full day of fun for Palmer. She got to not only touch and feed the Belugas, but she pet some deer, fed more fish, and see all kinds of aquatic animals. I think MarineLand will be on our list of things to do the next time we are out there too, so Charlie can partake in all the fun too!

We all had a great time out east, and the time went by much too fast. Now that we have settled back into our new normal, I am already looking at where our next vacation may be!

Disclaimer: We were given day passes to MarineLand in exchange for this post. 

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