14 September 2016

From The Mouth Of Palmer: Volume 4

Here we are, at 3.5 years old, and the things Palmer says on the daily just makes my mama heart smile. If she isn't telling us how much she loves us, then she is teaching Charlie a thing or two, telling us jokes, or making up these lavish stories that my imagination can't even begin to think up. So, I thought it was time for another version of "From the Mouth of Palmer." (see versions one, two and three here)

  • She hears me call Charlie "honey" so every time she is talking to her, "oh Charlie, honey" or "Honey!! come over here."
  • She starts every made up story with "Once upon a time, there was a BEAUTIFUL princess named Palmer Madeline Lowe."
  • And every morning when she is getting dressed, she says she want's to be "a beautiful princess" and picks out a dress and a clip for her hair.
  • I was telling her a story about me when I was a little girl, and she asked "but where was I?" so I was trying to explain that when I was a little girl, there was no Palmer yet. She couldn't quite wrap her head around that, and said, "Ohh, when you were nine, where was I? Was I at the doctor?
  • Once, I was doing a snapchat of Charlie, as I said in the video, "Charlie, what are you doing??" and just as I asked that, Palmer walked by and said "I got a cold butt." so its a running joke with her, that anytime I ask Charlie what she is doing, Palmer laughs and says "I got a cold butt!"
  • She loves giving Leaf treats, and always asks him to "do a paw hand" and the poor dog has no idea what she's talking about, cuz we taught him to shake a paw.
  • and one time, it was "I just don't remember that year mom, when you were five and six." No, baby, you most definitely wouldn't remember that!
  • In her room at our new house, there were already flowers painted on the walls, so one day when Grandma was tucking her in, grandma was saying there are flowers on the wall, flowers on the table, and flowers on your blanket, and Palmer replied with "No Grandma, those ones are weeds!"
  • and I always want to remember the way she giggles and says "Charweee!" 

Milestone Baby sent me these cards and they are perfect for capturing sayings like these. I always want to remember the funny things the girls say, and these cards are a great way to do it. I am going to love looking back at these cards one day and laughing with the girls about the funny things they use to say!

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