1 June 2015

Waterton Weekend Recap (in photos)

This past weekend, we headed to the mountains. About 1.5 hours away is the most beautiful place around, Waterton Lakes National Park. I cannot believe that I have lived this close for over a decade and this was my first time ever going there. We had weekend full of beautiful landscape, crisp mountain air and camping. 

I can't wait to go back when the weather is a little warmer and we can enjoy the water and boats too!

We arrived early Friday afternoon and got the trailer all set up and got lunch ready. Palmer loved playing in the grass full of dandelions and chasing the  "dofer dofer's" (gophers). 

this is my favorite photo of the whole weekend, or maybe ever!
Later in the afternoon we headed up to Red Rock Canyon. It was beautiful. It was the perfect hike for Palmer to walk along to and the scenery was stunning. We then made our way to Blackiston Falls, another beautiful view. It started to rain just at the end of our 3km hike so we headed back to the trailer for supper.

It was chilly in the evenings and there were no fire pits at the campsite, which was a bummer, but there was a Provincial fire ban anyways, so we played cards inside.

Saturday we woke up to a bit of rain, but that didn't stop us. Mitch and Palmer went to the nearby park while I helped to pack up a picnic, and we made our way up to Cameron Lake. Along the way we spotted a bear. Palmer was hoping she would see a bear while we were there! 
Cameron Lake was nothing short of stunning. The views were breathtaking! We definitely need to come back here when the weather warms up and they have the paddle and row boats out on the lake. We did a short hike around the lake and headed back down the mountain.

We stopped by a waterfall in town for our picnic and we had a little visitor while we ate, a chipmunk, waiting for the crumbs to fall. He came up right beside us, not shy at all. 

We walked around downtown a bit. Its a very small town, only about 2 streets downtown, but the 3 of us rented a Surrey bike for an hour and made a tour around the streets and near the lake. Palmer thought the bike was funny, and she enjoyed sitting up in the front!

Saturday evening, after supper, Palmer enjoyed a s'more (and so did I) and we started to wind things down for the night. 

We packed everything up Sunday morning, and got ready to go home. I think we will be back again a time or two this summer. It'll be so much fun when the weather is a little warmer in the mountains, and Palmer can splash in the water!

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