19 June 2015

Friday Favorites

I feel like this week went by far too quickly. It was my week off and I swear I blinked and it was gone. Its back to work Monday, but it will be nice to have a family weekend together! We are limited in the weekends we have left as a family of 3, so I want to make sure we enjoy every one of them.

For my Friday favorites this week, I am just going to share some of my favorite moments from this week. (Most of them can be seen on my Instagram here)

We found Mr. Elephant! He was lost for 3 days and I have to say, nap times were kind of a nightmare! For 3 days, Palmer went with no nap! It made for one cranky toddler and one tired mama! I'm hoping this isn't a sign of things to come and this little girl will continue to cherish nap time as much as I do!

I took Palmer down to the River Bottom on Tuesday to let her run around and explore and I loved it as much as she did. She got to run around and explore and I caught some cute photos of her! Check out the rest here.

Palmer's little friend Scarlett came over the other day for a few hours and it was seriously the cutest thing ever to watch.  Once Palmer warmed up to sharing and S warmed up to a different environment, the giggles didn't stop. They played "grocery shopping" and animals. They pretended to be dogs and panted and barked at each other. They ran and ran and ran. Then, I found them like this. Melt my heart. It was so sweet!

I took Palmer to the library yesterday. I wanted to pick up a few books for myself and Palmer chose 2 movies. I had actually never spent a lot of time in the children's section, but they have puzzles and games and computers for kids to use. Palmer was loving the computer games. It was the first time she's ever used a computer and she was glued. We chose a sesame street game and an animal sound game. She loved it. This will be a great place to go on rainy or snowy days!

Both of our neighbours have kids and we often refer to them as "the boys" so Palmer is always interested to know what "the boys" are doing. Yesterday, I caught her peeking through the fence holes, checking up on the kids. Its funny, because she sees these boys every day and has still not been able to speak to them. She talks non stop to us, the day home, her little girl friends, but both sets of neighbour boys try to talk to her and she is a mute! Oh well, maybe thats a good thing??

Happy Weekend to you all and Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there!

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