21 May 2015

Our Transition to a Big Girl Bed

With Baby Lowe #2 due to arrive this Fall, and Palmer being nearly 2.5 years old, we knew it was time to make the switch to a Big Girl Bed. I wasn't quite sure how it would go as Palmer is often playing around in her bed after she goes down. Sometimes its just a few minutes, other times it's an hour. So, for me to think she wouldn't stay in her bed without us having to go in again and again and again, I thought was a pretty safe bet.  I had been told, if she's not climbing out, don't switch her. Keep here there as long as possible, but buying a new crib just sounded ridiculous. 

We had a bed in our spare room that we had planned to use for Palmer, so one afternoon, I asked her if she wanted to nap there. I tried to talk it up "Big girls get to sleep in beds like this." "Your other bed is for the baby." "We will make this one into your princess bed." She fell for every line I fed her!  That afternoon, she napped for nearly 3 hours. Success! 

That evening when Mitch came home from work, she was excited to tell him she slept in her big girl bed. So, that night at bedtime, we tucked her in once again, to the big girl bed. This was going much more smoothly than I had ever envisioned.

Palmer and Mitch took off for the weekend to visit Grandma and Grandpa while I worked nights, but while I was home all weekend, I decided to get Palmer's bed ready for a cute surprise for her.

I used chalk paint to re-do the headboard and I couldn't be happier with the way it looks. (If you've never tried chalk paint before, you must. It is seriously so easy. No prep. Very little work. And it looks great!)  I picked up a cute duvet cover for cheap and got the bed all moved into her room. 

When she got home Sunday, I told her there was a surprise for her up there. Her reaction was priceless. "OH, WOW!" 

Melt my heart!  

Palmer was obviously ready for the big girl bed because it has seriously been a breeze transitioning her. I was worried all for nothing. We have had no issues at all with her not sleeping through the night, getting out of bed when she's suppose to be sleeping. Nothing. Just perfection! 

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