23 April 2015

My 5 Spring Things

Spring is in full swing around here and I am loving it. The beautiful weather, the sunshine, the pretty spring colours. I love it all!!  So, what better way to end my week than with my 5 favorite spring things?

Palmer learning to ride her bike. We have been out almost every nice day to practice and she is finally catching on to the whole pedaling thing! She will be tearing up the sidewalk in no time!!!

Pretty spring flowers. Nothing says spring like some fresh Tulips. I love the pop of colour they give the house, not to mention, they're pretty!

This shirt! I was drawn to the colour first, and I love simple. But I like that this one is different; not a typical t-shirt. It's light and airy, and the slouch neck gives it a different look. And I love the tie on the bottom. I think this will be getting a lot of use over the spring and summer. I might eve go back for more colours!

Tanks tops and sunglasses. For some reason I seem to have way more tank tops in my closet than anything else, so now I get to start wearing them!

All the cute little girl clothes out right now! Old Navy and Gap are killing it! Palmer scored a bunch of super cute stuff from Grandma!!!
top (L-R): dress | dress (similar) | dress |
bottom (L-R): shirt | shorts (similar)
Happy Weekend Everyone! 

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