29 April 2015

B is For....A Big Surprise (With The Blue Envelope)

It's no secret that I love cute stuff for Palmer, so when the opportunity to work with The Blue Envelope came up, I jumped at the chance. If you haven't been following them yet, you must. go. now. 

What I love about this pink and white baseball t-shirt is that it is perfect for all seasons! It is light enough to wear with a cute pair of shorts for the summer yet has long enough sleeves to be comfortable with some cute jeans for those cooler winter months. 

The Blue Envelope was created by Mandy and Kelsie, and they started designing childrens apparel after they had their 3 children. The idea behind their business is the best ever!

"Our goal is to raise our children to reach for the moon and that their possibilities are endless. We hope that through our new line we can encourage your little ones to be dreamers and believers that anything is possible. We will be posting new designs often as we continue to be inspired by the imaginations of little ones!"

They have the greatest sayings on their shirts, like "M is for Miracle" and "Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful."

But, when I saw this one, I knew I had to have it! It really was the most perfect shirt....

...to announce we are expecting again! Palmer is going to be a big sister this Fall!
Isn't this THE cutest Big Sister shirt you've ever seen???

To see all their amazing products, find them here:


and search the hashtag #theblueenvelope to see more cute kiddos!

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