21 November 2014

My Friday Five: Holiday Gift Ideas

I really don't have anything in mind as far as major Christmas gifts this year. I think Christmas is all about Palmer now, and watching her excitement Christmas morning, opening all her gifts. Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning to me over the past few years and I have to say, I am actually really excited to watch Palmer Christmas morning. I think this year, she will actually start to understand a little bit what is going on. We plan to do the Elf On The Shelf this year too. I think Palmer will love waking up in the morning, searching for her Elf. We were gifted an Elf On The Shelf this year by Mitchell's Nanny and Aunt, so we will start watching the video soon and maybe Palmer will recognize her elf when the time comes.

Anyways, back to this post....My Christmas wish list.
(I really don't expect any of these things at all, but I wouldn't be mad if I got some of these things)

01. White Cami from Garage. I wear one of these every. single. day. I prefer to wear them under my shirts almost all the time and all the ones I have are getting old, so adding a few more to my collection would be ideal for me!

02. I am a sucker for Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. It is by far my favorite perfume.

03. New Running Shoes. They don't have to be these ones from Nike exactly, but I love bright, flashy colors.

04. A new gym/tote/everyday bag from LuluLemon. I love the color of this one and I know Lululemon has awesome quality bags and would last me for a long while.

05. Pajama pants. I am a sucker for pajama pants. I often change from work clothes to comfy lounge pants (aka pajama pants) and only wear nice pants (aka jeans) when I have something I need to do outside of the house!. I have a couple Old Navy pairs and I really like them. Plus, they are a great price!

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