20 November 2014

22 Months: Palmer's Life

I know I say this every. single. time. but, I truly cannot believe that in 2 months, Palmer will be 2. Time is going by just as quickly as ever and it truly is the most amazing thing to watch her grow. 

So much has happened since this last monthly update post.

Palmer really is a loving little girl. She doesn't hesitate to give out a big hug or kisses, which completely melt my heart every time. Her sweet little personality shines though in everything she does and I truly hope that she carries this with her always. 

Palmer's words have exploded. She will now make sentences and tell you (almost always) exactly what she wants. "Mo juice peese" or "no soot (soup)" and this list can go on and on and on. She will even say things that I didn't even know she knew. We were reading a book one day and she lifted up the flap and said "hot dog." WHAT? I didn't even know she knew that. 

She can play the matching games like nobody's business. She can match the cards up like a boss. Or she will find all the look and find items in her book in the blink of an eye.  Little smarty pants can put her puzzles together in all of 12 seconds. Seriously, how does she know all this stuff?

I could really go on and on with all the amazing things Palmer is doing and saying. I cannot even put into words how blown away I am with Palmer and all the things she can do. This little girl has taught me so much in such a short amount of time. She has given us so much love that words can't even describe. I cannot wait to watch her grow even more and surprise us daily with all the new things she can do. 

We love you, sweet Palmer. 


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