8 December 2016

Home Decor with Tiny Prints

The items mentioned in the post below have been gifted to me by Tiny Prints in exchange for this post. 

If you've been following along for any length of time, you will know that we recently moved to a new city, which means we got a new house. While we LOVE the house, there are pieces of it that just weren't our style, so slowly over the past 3 months, we have been changing bits and pieces of it. 

We started out simple and changed up some of the paint (it was an awful brown). We are into more cool tones, so went with a grey. We have also changed out some of the light fixtures, and Mitchell even made some mason jar lights for the kitchen, which I LOVE! Also in the kitchen, we switched out the laminate island countertop for a beautifully stained bamboo butcher block top, which is so pretty! 

New paint and light fixtures.
The rest of the house though, is pretty bare. We have yet to hang up many photos or any other type of decor. So, when Tiny Prints contacted me, I knew that would change!

These pillows are so amazing, They are big, and fluffy, and so soft! They make a great addition to the couches and the master bed. Not only are they pretty, they are super functional. they are perfect for resting your head on to watch TV, or for cuddling up to read a story. 

I love both kinds we got, the Mr and Mrs as well as the monogrammed pillow. They would be perfect for a gift, especially for a wedding. Tiny Prints has these pillows in different colours too. I got the girls each one for Christmas; a magenta one for Palmer and a mustard yellow for Charlie, to match their rooms and I love the way they turned out!

I have always wanted canvas prints for the house and these canvases turned out even better than I expected them to!  Now, I have to decide where I want to hang them! I ended up deciding on the 16x20" canvases and I am so glad I did because they are the perfect size. I think I want to make another gallery wall in the house, and I think these canvases would be the perfect addition to it. 

Tiny Prints has some other really great home decor items that I had my eye on (but held myself back from), like these Christmas Stockings. I love the idea of pretty stockings for our upstairs fireplace, where we will have our pretty tree (vs the also pretty, but child friendly tree downstairs). 

 I think our next steps are the kitchen sink and faucet, the rest of the kitchen countertops, and possibly the flooring (also a terrible brown colour!) But, the house is really starting to become what we want it to, and Tiny Prints has helped us along the way with all our personalized home decor needs. Use the code BESTFINALE by the end of the day to receive 40% off your home decor and gifts from Tiny Prints! 

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