26 November 2013

What's in Store for Christmas?

Mitch and I know Palmer is going to be getting spoiled for Christmas this year, so we want our gift to be practical and fairly "low key." These are a few of the items we are considering for Palmer for Christmas.

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1. A housecoat is always great for after swimming or getting out of the tub. Palmer grew out of hers long ago and we just haven't gotten around to getting another one.

2. Foam blocks might be fun. They are great for learning and discovery!

3. Little Uggs or moccasins. I think they are so adorable, and they will most definitely keep little Palmer's feet warm during the cold winter months!

4. Books. Palmer LOVES LOVES LOVES books.

5. PJ's. You can never have too many cute jammies! Besides, Palmer is nearly grown out of all her other ones!

6. Headbands. Now that Palmer will be out of her helmet soon, we will need to accessorize her beautifully re-shaped head! These headbands are just too cute to pass up!

7. Mittens. We seem to have misplaced one of her other pairs, and I'm sure with the blistery winter months coming, we are going to need a few more...

What are some of your favorite gift ideas for your little this Christmas??

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