22 November 2013

Five on Friday

Its been a long while since I have linked up with the Five on Friday crew, so I figured it was about time again!

 Our little girl celebrated her 10 month mark on Thursday. You can read all about our little angel here.

Yesterday, we too Palmer to get some Christmas photos from Jennifer Morrison, the same photographer who did her newborn pics. I can't wait to see them! They looked like they were going to be the Cutest. Photos. Ever! We will be taking her back for her cake smash in January too!

 Christmas is coming soon. We are still on the hunt for a Christmas gift for Palmer from Mitch and I. We know she is going to get spoiled from grandparents and Aunty and Uncle, so we aren't wanting to go "overboard" with her gift. What are some of your favourite baby/toddler Christmas gift ideas??

Our poor dog is going stir crazy since the snow arrived. Its hard to get out in the cold for a walk with a baby, especially when its below freezing and windy!

We had some family photos taken on the weekend by my sister-in-law and I can't wait to get some printed and make our Christmas cards! I am in love with the photos. Stay tuned to see them!!!

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  1. Great post! Love watching dogs in new snow!! Following you from the linup!