26 January 2015

How I Stay Organized + A Shop Spotlight!

One of my biggest goals for the new year is to be organized. There are so many things going on in our lives that keeping organized is the only way I know whether I am coming or going.  I have always had a day planner, but keeping it updated and with me at all times was my biggest issue. Many people choose to use the calendar or an app on their phones, but I have never really found that to be useful to me. So, I went on the search for the perfect planner. 
I came across a few I really liked and narrowed it down to two. The decision was very easy for me after that. I went with Be Filled for a couple of reasons; a) the price was reasonable and b) they are a local small shop and I love supporting local!  I did have my eye on an Erin Condren planner but the shipping to Canada, like everything else, was ridiculous!

Anyways, I have been very good about writing everything down in my planner. Everything from my work shifts, to gymnastics, oil changes and blogging. I make a point of looking at my planner daily and it really helps me to stay focused on my goals.

I love that my Be Filled planner has a monthly calendar at the start of each month followed by a weekly spreadsheet separated by days. I love having the month to glance over with reminders of work shifts and various other things going on. I go into more depth on the daily pages; like blog posts, things that need to get done, grocery shopping, etc. 

Each month has their own divider which makes flipping to the right page easy. And at the back, there is a folder for keeping papers, receipts, and your Planning Made Easy stickers!

Ashley, over at Planning Made Easy, makes amazing stickers for your planner. Seriously, this shop is the cutest.  Any sticker you could ever think of, she makes it, and if she doesn't, she will look at a custom order for you!

I love the way the stickers look in my planner. They make planning and organizing my life FUN! Ashley was kind enough to send me some sample stickers for review and I have to say, I love them all! They are fun, colorful, and fit the planner perfectly.

I use them for all kinds of reminders. I love the large block-like stickers to make note of important blocks of time, like Palmer's 2nd Birthday Party. I love the ones that look like washi tape; they are so fun and I use them for fun reminders like Bachelor Night with the girls!

I promise you, you will find stickers to match anything you need over at Ashley's shop! And, she was so kind as to provide all my wonderful readers with a discount code for 10% off all your sticker purchases forever! How sweet is she?

Use the code:

E T S Y | I N S T A G R A M | F A C E B O O K

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