7 April 2015

Raising A Strong Girl

Parenting is hard. 

Raising a daughter is beautiful and scary at the same time. This is a tough world to navigate, so guiding her in the right direction is something I think every parent strives for. 

You do everything you can to create a strong foundation for the person she will become and hope that it is enough. 

Teach her she can do anything she sets her mind to and provide her with the tools to make those dreams come true.

Teach her she will make mistakes, but teach her to learn from them. Sometimes we grow strongest by meeting failure.

Teach her that standing up for herself and something she believes in will direct her to success. Her opinion matters and make her voice heard. 

Teach her to laugh. All you need is a smile to brighten the moment. 

Teach her to set expectations for herself and live up to them and not the expectations of others.  

Teach her that people are different and that is what makes us beautiful. There will never be another one of her in the world and that is perfect. 

Teach her that she is enough. There will be things she is great at and others she is not so great at, but its OK. Teach her she is beautiful, inside and out. Teach her to embrace her imperfections.  Whatever she does, teach her to do it with class, elegance and grace. She will be fabulous if she is herself.  

Teach her to believe in herself.

As a mother of a daughter, I want her to know she doesn't have to be the smartest. She doesn't have to be the prettiest or the best at everything. I want her to be the person she wants to be. I want her to follow her dreams. To grow to be a strong, uniquely beautiful woman.

Parents may fear they are somehow not instilling the confidence and strength in their child necessary to beat the hardships of society. But, us parents now, have the opportunity to raise strong, confident, amazing people here; we are given the opportunity to shape the world. To change the future.

The strong women of tomorrow are the ones we are raising today. My daughter, and yours.

I truly wish for my daughter as she grows, it is to be strong; to be a strong, confident, woman in this giant sized world. 

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